Ideas Generation

The Nimbus Group has a varied background in its constituent make-up, with members who have worked in galleries, funding bodies, cinema and tech agencies; doing large-scale outdoor projects, curating exhibitions, web designing and delivering national touring projects, we have a highly developed understanding of creative sector needs. From creative problem-solving to producing and delivering high-end projects, we can work with you to create responses, generate ideas and craft inventive solutions.

Our work might include:

  • Thinking through ideas, problems and concepts
  • Discussing business plans
  • Imagining and visualising future opportunities
  • Undertaking research and development
  • Workshopping and developing vision statements and documents

Nimbus develops experiences for both digital platforms and real-time audience scenarios. We can be commissioned to develop custom solutions for your business or concept, or develop experience designs in creative collaboration with you.

We will develop the idea, produce and build; giving you an inception-to-finish service. Our team is known for creative and novel approaches, and will excel on extraordinary projects.

Projects might include:

  • Applications for mobile platforms
  • Traditional or mobile websites
  • Alternative reality experiences
  • Installations indoors or outdoors

From initiating an idea to working through a concept, Nimbus can work with a team or with an individual to curate programmes, projects and exhibitions. We can generate outline proposals, flesh out concepts, develop curatorial ideas and curate experiences.

Our collective experience in forming and distilling ideas, fashioning novel programmes and proposals provides us with the knowledge and skills to deliver projects with a high degree of excellence.

Our work might include:

  • Developing curatorial briefs
  • Curating and delivering projects
  • Conceiving curatorial themes
  • Designing extraordinary events

Creating responses, generating ideas and crafting inventive solutions

Project Management

From large scale exhibitions to moving image commissions, we can work with you to assist, consult or deliver.

Nimbus has experience of commissioning work, from funding commissions to being on commissioning partnerships to developing commissioning programmes, we have a wealth of knowledge and understanding that we can use to ensure your project is a success.

We can offer support at certain points or throughout the commissioning process. Having worked on a number of commissioning projects, from large scale exhibitions to moving image commissions, we can work with you to assist, consult or deliver.

Our work with you could include:

  • Artist consultation and suggestion
  • Writing commission briefs
  • Assessing submissions and budgets
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Creating commissioning schedules
  • Developing evaluation plans

Having planned, managed and delivered numerous exhibitions, Nimbus has the skills and experience to undertake varied and challenging exhibition projects. From developing plans to managing a staff team to doing research and development, we can design, develop and implement exhibition proposals.

Our work might include:

  • Supervising installation and delivery
  • Planning and designing exhibition schedules
  • Producing related exhibition events and projects
  • Staff management, including technical and installation
  • Managing gallery relationships

The Nimbus Group has experience in delivering projects to schedule, having collectively initiated, planned and delivered various activities in the past. Our project experience has been in festivals, web-based programmes, exhibitions, large-scale outdoor events and national touring projects.

Our work might include:

  • Developing project plans and schedules
  • Delivering projects
  • Managing project teams and staff
  • Developing and managing budgets
  • Creating and initiating project proposals

Business and Funding

The Nimbus team has experience in writing grant applications for creative and arts projects, including developing applications for lottery distributors (such as Arts Council England), trusts and foundations, schemes and initiatives.

We have experience in writing applications for both individuals and organisations; for small and large scale projects; for exhibitions, touring, festivals, core funding, heritage projects, engagement and participation, and commissioning.

Our work with you might include:

  • Consultation and advice
  • Developing and writing proposals or statements
  • Reviewing applications prior to submission
  • Budget advice and development
  • Strategic thinking and positioning with funders
  • Research and development
  • Funder liaison and brokering of relationships

Nimbus offers a service to research and develop fundraising strategies, looking at the broad opportunities available to you as an organisation, which can fit part of a wider business plan or a specific strategy for a project. We can scope the opportunities that fit with your project or businesses aims and create a prioritisation plan. We can also work with individuals to look at potential for funding for projects.

Our work could include:

  • Research and development
  • Fundraising plan writing
  • Exploring strategic approaches to funding
  • Scoping exercises

Nimbus can, on a consultancy basis, work through your own project and assist you with creating a budget for business plans and funding applications. Our expert knowledge in producing budgets is based on experience in developing budgets for projects, festivals, exhibitions, organisations and partnerships.

We can work with you to consult upon figures, undertake research or provide feedback. We can confer with you to consider appropriate budgets for commissions, funding applications or project proposals.

Our work with you might include:

  • Devising and producing budgets
  • Reviewing budgets for clients, stakeholders or funders
  • Managing budget expenditure
  • Advising on figures
  • Researching costs and quotes

For projects, festivals, exhibitions, organisations and partnerships