Walk vicariously down memory lane with Giddy, a treasure trove of memories of hope, love, play, loss and discovery, direct from young Brightonians 1940-1969.

Giddy is an app-based walking tour that allows you to explore memories of the post-war years through to the 1960s. Archive keepsakes accompany the audio, vividly reawakening Brighton & Hove life in the mid-20th century. The app is a walking companion that allows you to discover lived memories of young Brightonians; first kisses, endless dances, adventures and exploits.

Giddy launches alongside an exhibition of films, interviews and images at University of Brighton, gathered by students from Longhill High School from The Keep, Brighton Museum, Screen Archive South East and local residents.

Exhibition and app launch: 7 May, 4-6pm at Theatre Foyer Gallery, University of Brighton, 58 – 67 Grand Parade, Brighton BN2 0JY.

Details about downloading the app will appear here on 7 May. Or visit www.giddybrighton.com from 7 May to download the app and learn more about Giddy.

Giddy is devised by The Nimbus Group, with the support of Brighton Festival and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Home is a dwelling built entirely of sound, a projection of what we think of as home. You can move through walls, rooms and intimate moments like a ghost - or is it 'home' that is a ghost? What is real about home spaces, and their keen importance for our experience of safety and sense of belonging? A response to Rachel Whiteread's Ghost 25 years later in a world which increasingly is constructed by virtual values and realities, Home places the intimacy of home, as a place and an experience, in a frame that invites questions about the reality of belonging.

Home is currently in development, and the Nimbus Group anticipates its opening in mid-2016. Stay tuned.

The Nimbus is a sonic paintbox, featuring a collection of sound works by Chris Watson contained in an app for mobile devices. It allows you to travel within immersive sounds to impossible locations and inhabit natural environments which your physical presence would disrupt; detailed sound objects of stark beauty for personal listening. Alongside these portable experiences are a set of sound games; playful as well as sonically rich, that will take you on journeys that reorganise your everyday.

The Nimbus allows you to hear natural environments as they are when we are not physically present with our smells, our noises and our narratives. Use it as a travelling companion, as you commute, work, shop or move through the grid of streets subdividing your world in arbitrarily geometric sections that have little to do with the geological and ecological reality underpinning our existence. It invites you to reframe your day-to-day activities within a strangely beautiful set of sound paintings by the world's foremost sound recordist.

Download Nimbus for iPhone or iPad

Download Nimbus for Android

A home for your digital soul, a place to talk to your maker.

0-1 is a divine digital presence that manifests itself on mobile phones, enabling the user to have a dialogue with an unknown deity. Using artificial intelligence conversation agent software, it learns from the queries put to it, improving its responses and building a sense of what moves the zeitgeist and its communicants.

The Nimbus Group has built a device that satisfies the instinct to commune with the divine without religious trappings, divisive ideologies, intermediaries, or judgements. The voice is contemporary, intimate and direct; a godbot presented through a crisp, non-figurative, non-denominational text based aesthetic. 0-1 has an aura of mystique that makes it possible to engage with it as a mobile application, yet secretly wonder if there may be more to it than that.

0-1 is a provocative project – an attempt to digitally create an opportunity for you to have a quiet word with omnipresence. It brings the divine presence to the most distributed communication device ever known – to our mobile phones. Where else would God choose to exist if s/he were to return?